CJ-4 10W–50 Turbo

For HK Road Conditions
Fully Synthetic
Meet or exceeds lubricant requirement for all vehicle manufactures

  • Provides excellent dispersal ability ensuring the soot is evenly dispersed to prevent engine harm.
  • Lubricates valve seats without excessive build up of deposits.
  • Provides a superior level of protection against wear, sludge formation and acid corrosion.
  • Premium motor oil formulated for diesel vehicles.

1 Litre HK$ 80 QTY

4 Litres HK$ 300 QTY

18 Litres HK$ 1296 QTY

200 Litres HK$ 13800 QTY


Warming : This product is not  expected to product adverse effect on health when used for the intended application and recommendation. Do not use for purposes other than its intended application. When disposing of used product, take care to protect the environment.
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